GARDEN, work in progress.

We present you GARDEN, born in 2016, an artistic project initiated and developed by Aleksandar Georgiev and Darío Barreto Damas. GARDEN is a choreographic project wanted to be presented as a stage work. is a queer utopia, sister of spring and sunny weather.
GARDEN is a choreographic project that focuses on the area of eroticism through poetic structures, a future staged exploration of boundless meanings, a malleable reality.

GARDEN is a queer utopia, sister of spring and sunny weather.

GARDEN is a poetic playground.

GARDEN smells like gardenia and provokes soft wind.

GARDEN is an invitation for flirting.

GARDEN is a dance.

GARDEN  is  environmentally conscious.

GARDEN wants that you look at it.

GARDEN is an ode to change, inclusion and diversity.

We would define eroticism as a wide range detectable area ruled by desire, sensuality and fantasy. A playground possibly available for everyone, being activated as wished in any type of situation and circumstances.
The erotic has free accessibility and it is commonly understood or comprehended, we often share the capability to relate to, (and/or) interpret, (and/or), perceive whatever through eroticism because we are sexual and sensual beings in one way or another. Inclusiveness could be an eroticism’s feature.
Eroticism as a state of mind or a place for wonder. If sex could be named as an action of unloading, eroticism could work as a space of activation, a mental activity where one can play with curiosity and projections. An inner vibration that could be transferred from person to person, here and there, awaking and motivating us. Through eroticism, subjectivity can compose and function. Eroticism is an activity of fiction, of fantasy. When we write about fantasy we refer to dreaming; to the imagination and hope we can activate and access to. Erotic makes us dream. And dreaming gives us huge amount of possibilities.
GARDEN is busy with the continuous state of change, movement and quest of our erotic thinking. We are interested in the transforming power of the erotica and its “global” accessibility. Working within it we want to cultivate a stage micro-culture where statuses, labels and understandings grow or ingrown into something(s) else.
Poetic spaces
During our collaborative processes we have developed a methodology we refer to as the construction of poetic spaces. A poetic space is a not yet shaped structure. It is going to form and re-form, without achieving any specific appearance. To create poetic spaces is not about reflecting pragmatically on a specific subject but rather to compose poetically and intuitively, building a structure that supplies contrasts and different points of view of something(s).
To do so, we play with meaning. We work around how meaning, can be transformed and twisted by changes in its characteristics such as context, appearance and the scene where it usually operates.
Resuming, a poetic space is a room where dispersion of meaning can exist. A place that boils our perception of reality. We understand poetic spaces as queer thinking, the perpetual work to restructure patriarchal, individualist and capital culture and society.

These are the two main areas we are exploring and rethinking, establishing a common ground to work within/through.