Choreography and performance by Aleksandar Georgiev and Darío Barreto Damas.
Dramaturgy by Nina Gojić.
Sound Design by Emilian Gatsov – Elbi.
I think you think I think about you when you think I think you think about me and that is so cool. And sometimes, I think I think you think about me while you think you think I think about you. Even that it is so fucking cool.
Trailer by Gjorgji Despodov

MOONLIGHT Poster Black (with date).jpg

A moon and its light.
Centrifugal disruption,
a punk symphony of the recognizable,
magickly maneuver.
MOONLIGHT is a dreaming filter,
bodies at risk.
The queering room, an intuitive architecture,
Aurora, Snow White and Prince Erik are part of it.


MOONLIGHT is a choreographic project focused on poetic structures, a staged exploration of dispersed meanings, a malleable reality. This proposal rediscovers persistently established identities, unfolding and queering normativity. MOONLIGHT functions as a quick machinery of change and disruption.
MOONLIGHT plays with Disney heritage, dislocating its known dispositions and understandings.
MOONLIGHT performed by Aleksandar Georgiev and Zhana Pencheva. Photos by Stefan Zefirov.
34419241_1949727588379115_6761525662147674112_nMOONLIGHT performed by Darío Barreto Damas and Aleksandar Georgiev at Mini Art Fest, Sofia.
MOONLIGHT shot by Leni von GelevaMOONLIGHT performed by Darío Barreto Damas and Aleksandar Georgiev at Kino Kultura, Skopje. Photo by Leni Von Geleva.
MOONLIGHT is initiated and developed by choreographers/dancers Aleksandar Georgiev (Ace) and Darío Barreto Damas. As an artistic partnership, they are interested in co-authorship creation within family constellations. They are busy with the facilitation of poetic spaces, triggering and stressing the questioning of alternatives lines of thinking. They operate around Stockholm (SE), Skopje (MK), Sofia (BG) and Tenerife (SP).
Supported by: City of Skopje, Konstnärsnämnden – Swedish arts grants committee(grant for international exchange), Garage Collective through the project “Dissemination of Performances of Garage Collective 2015-2017” // THIS PROJECT IS IMPLEMENTED WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE OF BULGARIA.
Co-produced by: Lokomotiva – Center for new initiatives in art and culture through the program “What is choreography?” SUPPORTED BY MINISTRY OF CULTURE OF MACEDONIA.



*If interested to see the show, contact me*
Darío & Ace