PURPLE BLOOD, work in progress.

PURPLE BLOOD is a choreographic proposal/try out for an upcoming performance by Zhana Pencheva, Darío Barreto Damas, Nefeli Oikonomou and Aleksandar Georgiev.
PURPLE BLOOD has been initiated during an artistic residency at ICI – CCN Montpellier granted by Nomad Dance Academy through Life Long Burning and supported by Konstnärsnämden (international exchange grant), Stockholm.
Photos by Sebastian Lingserius
Our trigger point is the friction between queer as a potentiality of coexisting differences and on other side our curiosity of realizing it through the averageness. Within an environment of increasing tendencies of normalizing queer or putting specified agendas to what queer would be, we want to problematize different approaches that could bring another type of celebration to the term.